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Safari Gas: A Step Toward Decarbonization

Safari Gas: A Step Toward Decarbonization

Decarbonization is the process of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) missions to prevent the harmful effects of climate change. The use of composite cylinders like our Safari gas is a step in this direction. Moreover, it definitely offers an eco-friendly alternative over traditional steel cylinders.


Safari gas cylinders are from the combination of lightweight and high-strength materials, such a fiber glass. They are lighter than steel cylinders, making them easier to transport and reducing the carbon footprint of transportation.

We can reduce 24% of GHG for the transportation of our gas. In other words, by changing to composite cylinder, we have decomposed about 0.3 million tons of carbon emission.

Transportation of LPG gas cylinder

Transportation of LPG Cylinder

Solar Energy Purchase (SEP)

In addition, the implementation of reducing carbon footprint also will greatly reduce when we implement solar energy at the manufacturing facility of Safari Gas. From this action, the 95.1 kW/h of electric power supply will shift from coal to solar energy.

Therefore, we can reduce 100% of GHG as compared to conventional coal powered electricity. As the result, we can decompose 23 tons of carbon emission by changing to solar in 1 month.

Solar Energy Panel


Next, our cylinders are also recyclable, making them a more sustainable option compared to traditional metal cylinders. At the end of their life, composite cylinders can be melted down and the materials reused, reducing the amount of waste generated.

By implementing this action, we can reduce 71% of GHG compared to produce a new product. So, by this action, we can decompose 5616kg of carbon emission by using recycle HDPE by 4.8 months.

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It clearly shown that through transportation, solar energy purchase (SEP) and recycle of our Safari gas, it can be a great contributor that can lead to decarbonization.

In conclusion, composite cylinders such as our Safari gas represent an important step toward decarbonization by reducing emissions, promoting the use of clean energy sources, and offering a more sustainable alternative to traditional cylinders. The widespread adoption of our composite cylinders will contribute to a cleaner and greener future.

Source of Greenhouse Gas Effect

Source of Greenhouse Gas Effect

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