Safari Gas Cylinder Safety Testing

Safari Gas Cylinder Safety Testing

Safari Gas Cylinder Safety Testing

In Safari, safety is our top concern when producing product for keeping the pressurized gases. We make sure our products meet safety standards through regular testing and constantly keep checking on its manufacturing methods.

List of Gas Testing

The Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) requires gas cylinder to be tested especially along the manufacturing process.  It is mandatory to test gas cylinders frequently by examining both the inside and outside cylinder.

It shall meet the minimum requirement specified by the manufacturer to guarantee safe handling because the flammable characteristics of the gases make any imperfections a potential safety threat.

Leak Test

Safari gas cylinder have performed on leak test and proved of following the ISO standard. Leak test is a method used to determine if there are any leaks or holes in the composite gas cylinder.

The test is performed by pressurizing the cylinder using compressed air at 1-2 bar then, checking for any gas escaping from the cylinder. The soap solution method is used to detect the leak. The composite cylinder will be tested to make sure it can withstand pressure and if no leakage, the cylinder is fit for use.

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Burst Test

In a burst test of composite cylinder, the cylinder is pressurized until it bursts and the pressure at which the cylinder burst is recorded. The information is used to calculate the cylinder burst’s pressure.

During the burst test, the cylinder is monitored for any failure including cracks, delamination or defects. After the burst test, the cylinder should not be used and should be replaced.

Hardness Test

Hardness test is a method used to evaluate the mechanical properties of the Safari gas cylinder. The test measures its ability to withstand from deformation such as indentation.

There are several methods for hardness testing such as drop test in which the cylinder is being dropping twice into a flat surface from flat surface from 1.2 meter in each of 5 different orientations. Furthermore, spike puncture test using steel spike with sharp point of 10mm diameter also being done to determine the resistance to failure from a sharp impact.

Hydrostatic Test

Hydrostatic test is a test that is performed on Safari gas cylinder to check its strength. The test is done by filling the cylinder with water and applying the pressure of 30 bar for 30 second. The cylinder is then check for any leakage or deformation to reveal any defects or weaknesses in the cylinder’s structure.

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